Do You Own Your Stuff or Does Your Stuff Own You?

A friend called me and asked me to journey into the Spirit World to find out why a friend of hers couldn’t sell her house.  She said the house had been on the market for a long time and even though it was a beautiful home, no one had even made an offer or come to see it.

So I made the journey into spirit and what I saw had me curious.  The woman’s home was sticky grey in color, also everything surrounding it and within it was a sticky grey, as though it was completely covered in glue.

I understood that this was what attachment looked like in the Spirit World.

When I spoke to my friend about what I saw, she was in agreement.  She said she had seen the same thing and wondered what I would see and that was why she asked for my help.

She then approached her friend and gave her a suggestion as to how to break the attachment to her home.  Once the woman carried out her suggestion, breaking her emotional attachment, the home sold within a few days.

In this manner, it became clear that the woman didn’t own her home, her home owned her, and even though she had put it up for sale, it wouldn’t sell until she let go of her attachment to it.

Seeing how our things own us through the eyes of Spirit was an awakening that showed me how our things own us.  We become so attached that it is very difficult to separate ourselves from the things we hold dear.

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