The Emotion Behind the Cancer or Do Our Emotions Cause Cancer?

Have you ever wondered why cancer targets one body organ or part of the body?

That’s been something I’ve thought about for awhile – that is until I read Louise Hay’s books “Heal Your Body” and “You Can Heal Your Life” (available on Amazon) where she brilliantly outlined how each of the internal organs of the body represent an emotion.

For instance, she wrote that the kidneys represent the emotion of fear, the liver represents the blood and anger, the stomach – worry, the lungs – grief, the heart – sorrow.  Anyway, that’s what I remember.

But it makes total sense.  Breast cancer usually shows up in one breast or the other, not both.  If it starts in the left breast that represents an emotional attachment to unresolved issues around your mother, or female figure in life.  If it starts in the right breast that brings up unresolved issues around your father or male figure in life.  Unresolved emotions eat away at the body over time and the body doesn’t lie.  One may attempt to push those emotions aside, but the body holds memory, which becomes as an emotional armor and that armor must be broken down and resolved in order to not cause the body dis-ease.

Emotion, strong emotion, held in the body for long periods of time eats away like a cancer at the organ associated with that emotion.

I know a man who held strong emotion for 10 years.  He even said, “I was pissed off for 10 years until I got bladder cancer.”  Think about it.  He was “pissed off” for all those years and then he was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

Words and emotion are powerful to the point of harming us if we hold on to the emotion for too long.  There’s something to be said for forgiveness.

In my work a person will often talk about their cancer.  If someone says, for instance, “I have been diagnosed with bone cancer” I’ll ask them what big secret they’re holding onto that they can’t let go of.  Bones are associated with secrets.  Often the secrets are thought of as harmful, which is why they are kept secret.

If someone has lung cancer I’ll ask them why they are in such deep grief and do they think they can ever let go of it.  The same with heart dis-ease.  I’ll ask if they think they will ever be able to let go of all the sorrow.

Cancer is a terrible dis-ease and we still only think of healing the physical body when we should also think of addressing the emotions.  We haven’t yet thought about how debilitating emotions can be and could that be why cancer shows up after treatment, often years later?

Isn’t it about time we think about healing our emotions along with our physical bodies?

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