Meditation: A picture is worth a thousand words

How many times have you heard that a picture is worth a thousand words?

One teaching of Grandmother’s was profound and has helped me so often through the years.  She had us sit down and think about goals.  In particular something that we had difficulty attaining and she said that we should really get clear on what it was that we wanted and to write out a sentence about it.  Something deep and meaningful.

Then, she said that we should think about how we wanted to break down that sentence we just wrote into 5 words.  When that was completed, she asked us to then think about breaking down those 5 words into just 2 words.

This reminds me of my grandson who, when he finally began speaking as a toddler, would make his thoughts known in only 2 words.  Everything he said, he said in 2 words or less and his point was very clear.  While on a rather long trip driving to Florida to visit his Nana, he would be so patient in the car but toward the end of the day he would start to get tired and he would say, “Nana’s House?” and “Hotel?”  As I said, he would be very clear!

Anyway, after breaking down the sentence we’d composed from a whole sentence to 5 words down to 2 words, Grandmother then said, “Now think of a symbol that represents those 2 words and draw that symbol.”  That symbol was then to be our meditation.

The moment I went into meditation I focused on that symbol, that picture.  No long drawn out words or phrases needed.  Just that picture which was everything.

Cut down on the time it takes to meditate.  Or meditate all day long by looking at the drawing of the symbol that represents your goals.  Meditation doesn’t have to be hard.


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