The Buffalo Hearts

Heart/Body. Mind. Emotions. Spirit.  The four directions or the four Gates of the Medicine Wheel.  Grandma said many of us are Buffalo Hearts.  The buffalo fed and clothed and provided for the people.  She said many Buffalo Hearts feel they don’t belong on Mother Earth.  That they feel lost or alone here.  The Buffalo Hearts look around and see themselves wherever they find those who are lost.  They see the homeless and those who are searching for something, those who are lonely even though they are surrounded by friends and family.  And their hearts go out to them because they see themselves when they look into their eyes.

It is the job of the Buffalo Heart to heal and go deep into themselves and find their path and their truth and live in a spiritual way, close to the natural world.  Nature Speaks to those who walk with spirit.  Buffalo Hearts may be easily taken advantage of because of their innocence and their trust in others.  They often don’t look for the dark in others or see things that others would notice right away – like someone who would abuse or manipulate them.

Buffalo Hearts may be blind-sided by someone who treats them badly because it wouldn’t occur to them to treat another in such a way.  The Buffalo Heart is a pure heart.  Honest to a fault and often overly-helpful.  You may not recognize a Buffalo Heart because they have learned through their senses how to protect themselves.  Many are vulnerable but won’t let you know it.  They appear to be and are much stronger than they feel.

Buffalo Hearts look for the joyful things in life and are extremely sensitive to their environment.  They see things others may not see and they are highly attuned to their surroundings.  They may not recognize the darkness in others because one can only recognize what is within the self and darkness can’t exist where there is light.

They are light beings that attract those that live in darkness, just as they who live in darkness are attracted to the light.  One can only live in darkness for so long before they want to know the rainbow.

There are those that are called the Walking Dead because they have lost their way and can’t find their way back so they deny their spiritual selves or even that they have a soul.  Their soul connection is non-existent.  The Walking Dead don’t acknowledge their inner light.  The same light that you see in the eyes of the Buffalo Hearts can’t be found in the eyes of the Walking Dead.

You often see them together.  The Walking Dead always want something from the Buffalo Hearts.  Their strength. Their warmth. Their joy?

Hold onto your light and stay strong.  Your Buffalo Heart will carry you through and you will emerge filled with the Love you hold within you.  You may feel overwhelmed and weak.  When you do, think of the Heart within you that holds the light.  You are a beacon that draws to you those in the dark – like a lighthouse draws ships to land in the darkness.  When they find you, show them what love and light feel like and remind them of what they’ve lost.  Love one another.  Those who are lost are looking for you and your light.  Continue to shine and let your love guide you.  It is why you’re here.  You matter.

Very often you find those of the Wisdom Fire protecting the Buffalo Hearts.  It is in the code of the Wisdom Fire people to do so.  However, even those of the Wisdom Fire may falter in this world.  Here, nothing is certain.  Forgive them.  It is a big job protecting Hearts as big as the Buffalo.



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