Aging and Memory Loss

Aging happens naturally.  At no other time in history have we seen so much memory loss as now.  So what contributes to memory loss?

Since so many people over the age of 50 are on statin drugs for cholesterol, we have to look at the obvious.  Statins lower cholesterol – which is the “mother” of all hormones.  Cholesterol is also known as the “feel good” hormone.  The more cholesterol you have, the better you feel.

Naturopaths know that cholesterol is optimal around 240 and above.  The general rule used to be that cholesterol at 200 plus your age was healthy.  Cholesterol wraps around toxins and carries them out of the body.  Cholesterol rushes to damaged arteries and heals the damage.  One doctor I came across from Europe said they paid no attention to cholesterol unless it was over 500.

Cholesterol feeds the brain.

So you have to ask – why is cholesterol being lowered to below 200 by consent of the medical professionals?  Hmmm… Something to think about.

Another reason for memory loss is poor gut health.  A leaky gut is a precursor for all kinds of trouble in the body.  Poor gut microbiome in new research has shown that what happens in the gut – happens throughout the rest of the body.

The gut is responsible for brain health.  Sugar is responsible for a rise in candida and when candida gets out of control – the rest of the body suffers.  Watch your sugar intake.  Sugar feeds candida and that may be one cause of poor brain health.  Along with the decrease in cholesterol, you have less good brain food and more of the poor fungus and bacteria that affect brain health through poor gut health.

Balance your microbiome in the gut with good food that restores proper microbiome.  It’s not what you eat, but what you feed the microbiome.

Minerals – Trace Minerals activate enzymes in the stomach.  A deficiency of trace minerals can make you feel achey all over.  Minerals benefit every system in the body, including the brain.  Many people don’t know about taking trace minerals because no one speaks of it but I found that trace minerals are severely lacking in our diet because the plants are grown in deficient soil.  We used to get trace minerals from our vegetables.  One expert on the subject said that if our vegetables aren’t sweet, throw them away.  They aren’t sweet because there is no mineral in the soil.  Make sure you’re taking a good trace mineral.  I take mine in liquid form.

Obviously these are just a few causes of memory loss, however, fix the cause and the basic causes are what you see here.


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