Stressed? Try This….

Whenever you feel extremely stressed out, identify the key stressor and/or stressors and eliminate them by:

Breathe – deeply.  Bring your shoulders down (first realize that they’re sky high which aggravates the stress muscles at the top of the shoulders called the levator scapula) and deep breathe down into the lower abdomen.  Do at least 7 deep breaths counting to 7, holding to the count of 7 or 5 if you can’t hold to the count of 7, and breath out to the count of 7 with each deep breath.

Hold your focus on the breath and give it a color.  Imagine blue light as you breathe it in and hold it, then release the breath and see all of the stress leave your body in another color.  I like to imagine the out-breath as dark brown or black because it’s taking out darkness or toxic energy.

Then take 5 to 10 minutes to regroup, calm down and center yourself, also known as meditation.  I lived in a house with 9 people and I was able to find a spot to be alone, so no matter where you are, find a place where you can go and let others know you don’t wish to be disturbed for a few minutes.

I find it is possible to meditate anywhere, I mean anywhere.  After all, who is doing the meditating; you or the room you’re in?  My daughter tells everyone about the time I took her and her friends to see a rock concert and I fell asleep.   I wasn’t sleeping, I was meditating!

Another thing you may want to try are the Bach Flower Remedies.  Go to their website and look up the best remedy for your stressful situation.  They have many.

My Cherokee medicine teacher told us a story of a time she studied with a Tibetan Master.  As I recall, it went like this:  “we were all waiting for the Master to come to our first meditation session.  We had discussed how we were going to meditate because none of us knew the first thing about it.  He finally came in and never said anything, he just sat and went into meditation.  All of us didn’t really know what to do so we tried to be still in mind, not think any thoughts as we did what we thought best.  At the end of the session, the Master got up and said, “Not so good today.  Perhaps it will be better tomorrow.”  Tomorrow came and Master settled himself and all of us stopped thinking about how to do it right and just let ourselves move into an easy breathing and calm, centered place.  It seemed much easier than the day before.  At the end of the session, the Master stood and said, “Much better today!”

Moral of the story:  Don’t try too hard to do it right as there is no right way to do it.  Just move into your own center and find your peace and calm.



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