Allergies? Clean your Liver

Dr. Eric Berg is someone I like to listen to.  He teaches people about health through pictures and common sense and he’s easy to listen to.  He was talking about a fatty liver and how it relates to aging and allergies.

I’ve been detoxing (cleansing) my liver for 20 years.  I used to have allergies to everything.  I had a grass allergy, couldn’t stand to be around scented candles and perfume counters – the scents would make me sick.  It seemed I was allergic to everything.

The liver doesn’t do well when we eat a lot of carbohydrates – things like pastry and pasta.  I don’t want to  include bread because there are some breads that are better than others but if you’re still eating Wonder bread (you Wonder what’s in it) then I would include bread.

The liver needs to be cleaned out because little (sometimes large) stones clog it up and it can’t do it’s job which includes making hormones and blood, among a lot of other things.  If I were to list all the things the liver does there would be a very long list.  So doesn’t it make sense that we need to detox the liver?

The first time I detoxed my liver (I followed Hulda Clark’s regimen go to and I followed it exactly.  It only takes about 24 hours to do a liver flush but you really need to follow her instructions on getting all systems of elimination open before you do it and that takes a bit of time.  I use the ParaCleanse to get out parasites (if you live with animals then you have them) and I use either All Cell Detox or Ultrabiome DTX to be sure the colon is open and working.  Then I use Kidney Drainage to cleanse the Kidneys or I use lemon and olive oil.  Either work well with the kidneys to detox them.  I would use these products for at least a month before doing the liver flush.  Find them here:

After doing my first liver flush I was dead tired so I slept all the next day.  Tiredness and headache sometimes, not often, accompany a detox and I was extremely tired after the liver flush.  Allow your body time to recuperate and heal after flushing the liver and never do a liver flush if you’ve been very ill or are very weak.

I did liver flushes every 2 weeks for a long time.  I credit the liver flush for getting me out of symptoms of Lupus, which I had 20 years ago.  I also credit trace minerals which are not the same as macro minerals.  We are all deficient in trace minerals and it’s really important to take them as they are responsible for activating enzymes in the stomach so if you have a lot of gurgling in your stomach, you need trace minerals.  Trace minerals are depleted by stress – gee, do ya think you need them?

After flushing my liver my allergies disappeared.  The liver is responsible for many of our ills.  It may take a little time and effort to cleanse the liver but do it.  It’s worth the effort to be healthy.

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