Gut Responsible for Dis-Ease

I’ve worked with many people over the years. The most frustrating I’ve ever had is a person with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Many of her problems were caused by too much sugar, like the time she told me she ate a whole cake and she hurt terribly after that.

We’ve had many conversations about sugar and what it does to the body.  Sugar is classified as a drug in China, so I’ve read.  Over there it’s a controlled substance.  There is so much written about sugar and it’s ill effects on the body but we seem to want to ignore the research and have it anyway.

I do know that sugar is the one thing that ages the body very quickly.  It burns hot in the body and is stored in muscles, making them hurt.  I eat sugar and I feel it immediately in my brain.  It’s like alcohol for me.  I once drank hot chocolate and added Bailey’s to it – it shut down my pancreas and when that happened the whole left side of my body went into distress and pain. Not only that, sugar is terrible for stomach problems.  If you have issues with stomach then stay off pop and sugar as they reek havoc on the pancreas and the bacteria and microbiome of the intestinal tract.

Research has found that if you’re ill then the problem stems from what you feed the microbiome of the gut.  It’s not what you eat, it’s what the microbiome of the gut eat.  Research is finally catching up because Naturopaths have been saying this for years!

Once the microbiome become imbalanced then your whole body becomes imbalanced.  Toxins leak out of the colon into the rest of the body – just like a leaky sewage plant that overflows into the surrounding area.  You’ve heard of leaky gut?  Well eating sugar is leaky gut on steroids.

So back to the woman with Rheumatoid and a terrible diet.  Every night she’s awake because her stomach is terribly out of balance and it keeps her up all night long.  Not only that, but now her lungs are giving her problems and no one knows why.  She’s to a point where it’s affecting her health to the extent that she can’t leave her house.

So I have something new that’s patented and I can’t mention it in an article because the Powers That Be won’t let me write about how good it works and name it but I give her this stuff and she takes it and for the first time in a long long time, she’s moving and going places without having to sit down and catch her breath.  Her digestion isn’t waking her up at night and she is feeling better and better each day.  She comes in smiling and saying she’s having a good day and she actually is feeling better.

But it’s been a long road for her health-wise and it’s going to take a while for her to come back.  We’re both hopeful that her body will be strong enough to bounce back after all she’s been through.  I’m feeling like jumping up and down with joy because nothing else has worked for her and in such a short time (2 weeks).

A younger person would bounce back quickly but someone older takes longer to bounce.

This patented product feeds and balances the microbiome of the gut and combined with a shelf stable probiotic (that means it doesn’t need refrigeration) it brings back healthy microbiome of the gut.  Check out The Gut Movie with Kale Brock – Yes, that is actually his name – on YouTube.  But you don’t have to do what they’re suggesting cuz it’s rather disgusting but you’ll get the general idea that it’s the gut that tells how sick or how healthy you are.  

Then contact me for the product that will bring the microbiome of your gut back to health.  It will be worth it.  I listened to one of the doctors who put the formula together.  He said his patients fly in from all across the States to talk with him for one hour and this formula is what he gives all of them.  His whole career is wrapped up in one formula.

The shelf stable probiotic – The doctor explained that it is bacteria that comes from the soil – remember when we used to go into the garden and pull plants from the soil and eat them right out of the garden?  Well the probiotic in the capsules is the beneficial bacteria from soil that we used to get on our vegetables.

All in all – a great way to get healthy is to heal the microbiome of the gut.































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