Muscle Spasm Causing Tooth Pain

Have had a recent round of severe tooth pain that had me on antibiotics and ibuprofen.  Two things I avoid, normally.

However the pain in my teeth and in my face left me wondering if I had broken a tooth and didn’t know it or if something else had gone wrong.

My teeth, as I’ve aged, have shifted quite a bit and I feel my bite is off.  All of this sent me to my dentist who replaced a filling that had fallen out because of my teeth not coming together properly.

He sent me home with the instructions to call in 3 days to update him on my progress.

Two days went by without a hitch, the third night I woke up in agony because my teeth and my face were in excruciating pain.

The real cause?  My bite is off, this I know, caused by shifting teeth.  Thank heavens only my left side is affected, it’s painful to eat on the left.  With all the shifting going on, I’m hoping all my teeth aren’t affected by the muscle spasms happening on the left side of my face.

That’s right.  All the pain is coming from the Temporalis muscle on the left and the medial Pterygoid muscle.  When your teeth shift it throws off the bite and that may become so painful that people think there is something wrong with their teeth and may even have teeth pulled to alleviate pain, which does nothing.  The real problem is muscles of the face in spasm.

So I awoke in agony, found the trigger points in the correct muscles, addressed the trigger points and came out of pain immediately.

I’m not saying the problem is solved.  I most likely will need a mouth guard or orthodontics to correct the bite being off.  But at least I know what it is and why it’s happening and I can address the pain by working the trigger points in the muscles instead of having to rely on ibuprofen.

So if you have pain in your teeth and can’t find the problem, consider that it may be muscular and have someone show you how to release the triggers to come out of pain.

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