Doubt & Gut Instinct

One of the worst things we do to ourselves is Doubt.  We may have a really good idea and doubt it or doubt we can pull it off.  How much of our creativity have we stunted with doubt?

I had a really good idea for a spider catcher.  I saw it in my head and even gave considerable thought as to how to put it together so as to not have to touch the spider and yet not hurt it and put it outside.  It was rolling around in my head for months and I doubted I could pull it off.  About a year later there was a spider catcher on the market.  I’d doubted so much I missed a great opportunity to rock the product.

And then in the career arena – how many times have I done something right but wondered just what made me do it that way and it took awhile for me to figure out that I was acting on instinct?  An intuitive knowing made me do something without thinking but until I figured it out, I was full of doubt as to why I did it that way.

In this healing path I see many people who think they know what they want but if they were to have what they wanted they would suffer all the more.

To name one instance.  People come in thinking they need massage when they really don’t.  If they were to have massage on a body that has never experienced massage and they can’t walk because they hurt so badly, that is not a good idea.

Massage does what exercise does only someone else is passively exercising you.

That means that fluid and lactic acid are moving but someone else is causing it to move.

So when someone hobbles into my office and they’re hurting so badly they can’t function and they think they want a massage, I know intuitively that the last thing they want is a massage because they hurt now, what will they feel like when they go home after a massage?

So the first thing I want to do is get their body to feel better from within.  Right diet, right nutrients, heal the gut microbiome so the body begins to heal itself so they can walk without a cane or without an arthritic shuffle.  I instinctively know what someone needs when they walk into my office, however they think they want a massage and then I begin to doubt my instincts and that bothers me.

Then I go through this whole doubt thing because I often don’t think about it until later when I sit and go through the whole scenario about why I couldn’t give them what they wanted.  When it finally occurs to me that I was actually going on gut instinct then I begin to feel better.  I helped them because that’s what I do.  I help people but sometimes I doubt myself and that sucks.

In 20 years of service, of healing and helping people, I rarely doubt what my intentions are because I know who I am and this is what I do.  I don’t like not giving people what they want but I always have their best interests at heart.

What I need to do is not doubt my instincts.  I know I’m not the only one who does this and that’s why I’m putting this out there.  Know what your intentions are and try not to doubt yourself, but if you do, just know you’re going on gut instincts and trust that you’re doing the best you can – always.

Have a great day!

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