Know Thyself & Laugh – It is Healing

A few years back, oh who am I kidding, it was a lifetime ago, a woman came in for massage therapy.  She cried for half the treatment for various reasons.  She was older, say in her 70’s and relented the life she’d lived.

As she cried and I worked I began to ask her some questions about why she thought her life was over.  I told her she should just get rid of the jerk and start over.  She laughed.  I was on a roll after that.

By the time the massage session was over she was laughing and possibly experiencing joy for the first time in a long time.  I guess I have a way of doing that with people.  Giving them different insights into life because I’m a little outside of the box myself.

Anyway, she left after making another appointment, and she was smiling and happier.

During the session I asked her to see the psychologist who also worked in our office and gave her a card to call her.

She came for another appointment with me and we laughed and she opened up and talked about her miserable life, but this time in a more relaxed manner.  We were getting to know one another and she felt comfortable talking with me.

Then I didn’t see her for a while and found out she’d taken me up on my suggestion to see the resident psych expert.

A few months later the psychologist and I were in the office during a lull, talking and I asked her if she was seeing my client.  She of course couldn’t say anything other than that she was.  I told her that during my time with her I’d actually gotten her to laugh and she said, “OMG! You got her to laugh?!!!!?

Laughter is healing.  Laugh often and laugh loud.  Really put yourself into situations that make you laugh like it’s the last thing you’re ever going to do.  Have fun.  Don’t take life too seriously.  Go within yourself and find the person you used to be when you laughed at everything.  As a matter of fact – think about your current miserable situation and put an ending on it that makes you laugh out loud.

And allow me to tell you this and I hope you can hear it.  Know yourself.  When you truly know who you are there isn’t anything people can say about you that will have you believing it.  Some people believe everything they hear about themselves and that is because they don’t know who they are.  My ex – my wasbands – both said things to me that could have hurt me had I not known who I am.  What they said to me – they were actually believing about themselves because they didn’t know who they were, and they did their best to project their misery onto me.  I wouldn’t buy it.  I know who I am.

When you understand that those who say hurtful things say them because they don’t know themselves – you will never take anything hurtful that they say to heart again.

Know thyself.  When you do then you will understand true compassion.

But that’s another story.

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