How To Never Be Lonely Ever Again

Get a dog.  LOL.  Well that’s one way but that’s not the only way.

Loneliness is a state of mind.  When you think of all the situations you’ve been in what’s the worst one?  I’ve been in some of the worst situations and I’ll take being alone any day over them. I’ve allowed myself to feel loneliness at the deepest levels so I would have something to compare it to.  The loneliest one could be is when you’re with someone.  A most profound experience, to be sure.

But aside from that, dealing with loneliness becomes more a situation of being alone.

I like being alone.  I shut off the music or I can turn on the music but for me, music is someone else’s tunes that they arrived at in their own times of alone-ness.  So I generally sit in silence and listen to it.  Silence in itself is a sort of music.  It lets one hear their own thoughts and as long as those thoughts are creative and upbeat and positive then aloneness can be very pleasant.

I often listen to the sounds of nature and that in itself is very soothing.  The wind in the pines, the birds in the trees, the crickets and the night sounds often carry me into spirit journey’s that soothe the soul and take me into other worlds and dimensions.

No wonder the Native Americans liked the rattles.  Creature sounds at night sound like rattling.

Being alone is a balm to my soul and I could live a life of alone-ness.  I am comfortable within and without and like a turtle, I carry my home on my back wherever I go.  I’m at home in any circumstance because I have learned how to be alone.

Being alone is being comfortable with oneself and accepting that there are times when being alone is necessary and being necessary, it becomes acceptable.  Whenever I’m alone I understand that this is where I’m supposed to be otherwise I wouldn’t be alone.

Embrace life where you are.  Expand your alone-ness to include more alone-ness.  Accept and embrace life where it takes you.  In any situation, expand it, give thanks, and accept that it’s ok to be where you are and for the time you are here do something that expands your creativity and your interests in something other than dwelling on being alone.

I love to write and put time and effort into books and blogs.  When my grandson is here I can’t do that because he’s always chattering or asking or making noise.  So I put all aside and make him my focus for as long as he needs me to focus on him.  Not easy for me to do but that’s what is the opposite of being alone.  Then the phone rings and the dog barks and the doorbell rings and people stop in or want to go out and the world moves into chaos.

If you’re lonely then move into loneliness and experience it in the totality of aloneness until it dissipates with activity that you lose yourself in.  Clean, write, read, take a bath, sleep, do something you love, feel completely the world as you sink into the depths of aloneness and allow your creativity to flow.  No one is alone forever.  Experience each moment with a Zen-like focus until it dissipates into another experience.

Instead of abhoring aloneness, Create a pit, a void of aloneness.  Nature abhors a void and always rushes to fill it.  Sometimes, often, in ways you could never dream of.


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