Stand Inside Your Own Wheel – The Circle of Life

When Gma (short for Grandmother) taught her apprentices about the Medicine Wheel, also known as the Circle of Life, we understood that we are Spiritual Beings in physical bodies.

To leave out the spiritual aspect of the Hu-man is to leave out a whole quadrant of the wheel.  Spirit connects us with our physical, emotional and mental bodies and those who leave out Spirit from their wheel never feel complete, never feel whole.The Spirit aspect of the Medicine Wheel is the West Gate. The color here is black or dark blue.

The Native peoples of each continent understood life in the spiritual sense.  They journeyed into spirit, into the quantum realm, and moved about in other worlds and dimensions and this was a normal part of living for them.  They paid attention to dreams and walked in the dreamtime.  They weren’t afraid of the West Gate.  They were familiar with it and used it as part of their whole experience.

The North of the Wheel is the place of Emotion.  Emotion is our deepest, heartfelt place where we can’t escape into just our feelings.  We emote at the deepest levels of ourselves.  Feelings are where we can go to escape ourselves.  Emotions hold more weight and there is no escaping from ourselves in this Quadrant of the Wheel.  The color of the North is white or light blue – the color of ice.

The East holds our minds and our mental acuity.  In the East we learn and we think about life and what we want for ourselves.  The color here is red.

The South of the Medicine Wheel is our physical quadrant.  This is the place of family and friends and where we build and nurture in the physical realm.  The color of the South is yellow.

When we stand inside of the Medicine Wheel we make the bold statement that we are the one who controls our wheel.  In all things there is balance.  It is in the center of the Wheel that we direct our lives and learn about what makes up our understanding of what it takes to be at peace within ourselves, and as a reflection of our own peace, we share that peace with others.

As Hu-Man – Creator-Man – we take what we have been given as our right, our legacy, and we make things happen.  We create through our abilities and our paths through our physical being while also our mental, emotional and spiritual being-ness throughout our existence here.

When you look around at what has been created – the magnificent cities, the music, the art, the expression of ourselves everywhere – well, I’m awed by what men and women create and we’re just getting started.  We have so much more to give and do and be.  We can’t leave out even one of the quadrants of the Wheel, the Circle of Life.  To do so leaves us feeling incomplete.  An incomplete Hu-man is an unhappy human.

“To Thine Own Self be True”  and “Know Thyself” have their root and their peace of mind in the Medicine Wheel – The Circle of Life.  What we create, we share.  Leave your creations for others to experience and enjoy.  We are Human.  Our feet pick up energy from the Earth, our Mother, and that energy feeds our being.

Aliens do not have the lower chakras that connect them to our Earth.  Only Humans connect to the Mother.  This is Our Home.  But that is another story.


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