Nature Speaks Classes

Just like your body, nature speaks to us.  But just as many people don’t know how to listen to their body, they also don’t pay attention to nature either.

I love teaching children about nature. They’re so open and willing to learn about things many adults don’t understand.  Like, I’ll tell a child to pick up a small rock and hold it and then tell me what they hear the rock telling them.  Often the rocks speak to you in pictures.  Flashes of scenes will cross your mind.  Rocks are the record keepers of all that has crossed their paths.  They are the Earth’s secret keepers.

One night I was invited into the rock kingdom – in a dream.  The Rock Kingdom came to me and told me I could access their realm to rest from troubles and I was shown the inner workings of their kingdom.  Impeccable order within the rock kingdom.

All of the plants, animals, creatures of the sea, the Earth and the Rock kingdoms know we are here and they wait for us to acknowledge them.  Plants have spoken to me since I was a young child.  Birds pay much attention to us.  The trees let us know they are listening in various ways if you talk to them.

Plant people will come if you seek them.  They don’t look like us – they have their own identities but they are aware, very much aware of us.  If you listen, you can hear their frequencies, their tones.  Same with rocks.  Each has a frequency.

And who hasn’t heard the music of the streams and the rivers and the oceans?  The waves practically sing to you!

Nature is alive and it waits to be heard.  Plants have a way of getting your attention and letting you know they are aware of you.  Plants speak.  Animals speak.  Rocks speak.  Even the wind speaks.

Do you know how to listen?

Much of Nature Speak is intuitive – except when Nature wants your attention.

Learning about Nature Speak is fun! Contact me to teach you about Nature and how it speaks.

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