Aging & Beauty

Aging happens if you’re lucky.  I mean there’s only one alternative to aging, right?  So while we’re here we want to make the best of it.  Men I’ve dated have asked me how old I am (Late – really Late 60’s like almost 70!!) and when they finally get me to tell them they’re shocked.  One even told me that my looking so young was a testament to what I do – (I work in natural healing and beauty.)

A woman I knew turned 40 years old and cried and cried.  She just didn’t want to get old! I felt her pain but really didn’t understand it – however it wasn’t about me so I sent her beautiful flowers and congratulated her for making it to 40.

Two years later, she was killed in a car accident.  Her then 6 year old son’s comment?  “Well, now my mom doesn’t have to think about getting old.”  Sad.

I’ve never given myself time to think about aging until I got to be in my 60’s and then I was divorced a second time and thinking I needed another man when I really didn’t and it took me awhile to understand the fact that I didn’t but older men were asking me out and it took me awhile to figure out that maybe I was beginning to age also.  Huh.

So now here I am and my hair is died dark brown and I’m thinking of letting it go back to silver (not gray or white) so I can dye it bright red.  Or dark blonde.  Still not sure which.

Ok so I’m still undecided and want to play a little more.  But the truth is that I’m dying it for me and not for a guy and I really don’t care who looks or who thinks I’m nuts.

If anyone says anything I’ll just tell them I was off my meds when I had it done and even though I’m not on any meds who’s going to question me?

I never had, ok – took, I never took the time to think about hair color.  There was always family and work.  Work. Work. Work.  These last years have made me feel blessed to be able to do and go and be what I want.

This is the time of my life and although I’m not traveling and into a lot of plays and golf, I just want to live the way I want to live and be where I want to be and go where I want to go.

So next time you see me and my hair is bright fire engine red you’ll know that my inner child has come out to play.  Laugh with me.




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