Vitamins For Energy

Had a retired nurse come in for massage and while she was undergoing treatment she was talking. Some people like to talk and I just listen.

She was complaining about vitamins. “There are no good vitamins on the market! I’ve tried them all!”

She went on about how vitamins just don’t deliver and why should anyone take them if they don’t make you feel any different.  When she appeared to have run out of complaints on this topic I asked her if she’d ever tried a certain vitamin that I just happened to carry.

She said she had not tried them and what was different about them?

I told her that everyone who has tried them loves them because the vitamins I carry give them energy.  She asked how long it takes to get that energy and I told her that energy increases within about 20 minutes after taking them.  I’ve actually had people take them and tell me they gave them too much energy and couldn’t take them because they couldn’t sleep.  I told them to only take them every other day and always in the morning and to only take half the dose.

She was beyond skeptical.  “I don’t believe it!”

I don’t talk about how good my vitamins are.  I just let people experience the results for themselves so I gave her a few sample packets.

About a week later she was back and I heard her tell the receptionist at the front desk to tell me that those are the best vitamins she’s ever taken!

Try them for yourself:–mineral-120-tabs/1379/

If you find yourself yawning a lot then you may need vitamins with iron:–mineral-120-tabs/1377/



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