The Meaning of Life – What Really Matters

Deepak Chopra shared an article on What’s The Matter With Matter? (Published ).  Although I liked the article and understood what he was saying it got me to thinking.

What does living in this 3rd dimensional realm really mean?

For many of us it means we can Create.  Hu-Man has it’s ties to God-Man meaning mankind/womankind have the capacity to Create something physical on this planet.  We are given minds to think our Creations into form and we are given emotions to move our Creations from the mind – really put our hearts and souls into creating something – into physical form.

Take Walt Disney for instance.  He had a vision and he took that vision and he eventually turned it into something so large and wondrous that the whole world – most all of humankind – know about.  That is only one instance of how one person made a difference in this Earth-Walk.

Each of us comes into this Earth 3rd dimension with a code – a pattern – to do something that will leave our code here.  Some come with plans to have happy families or to be who they are and others want the world to know who they are.  Some have little dreams and others have gimongous  dreams and want the world to hear about them.

Some people leave legacies and are remembered throughout the ages.

Others don’t care about living large and are happy to be known amongst a few friends.

Regardless, everyone matters.  The point being that everyone here has a pattern and fulfills that pattern, whether known, unknown, or in-between.  Everyone matters.

We came here to be creative because, as spirit in human form, we are endless.  The soul never dies – it just finds another form, another planet to live and create.  Spirits can’t create outside of a physical realm.  Our spirits would be bored if we couldn’t express our creativity.

Earth is our school.  We are here to learn how to get along with each other and accept each other as we are.  Some may find it hard to accept someone from another culture, another social setting.  Some may find it hard to accept someone of a different mind-set or religion.

But, no matter what – everyone wants the same thing.  We all want a safe environment where we can live a good life and provide for our loved ones.  Bottom line.  We want to live in peace and plenty.

So it matters, truly matters, that we have a life, a physical form and what we can create in this physical form matters.

I feel so blessed to be on the receiving end of all the efforts made to make this planet abundant and peace-filled.  I am grateful for all the musicians who have blessed these ears, for all the film-makers who have kept me entertained, for all the Walt Disneys who have created magical realms, for all the men who have put their hands to good use in building all the trains, plains and automobiles that have carried me safely to anywhere, for all the plumbers and electricians and carpenters who have made it possible to have indoor facilities and water and lights that light the way, in homes that are built with strong foundations and walls.  I am grateful for those who pick up my garbage so I don’t have to live in filth.  For all the soldiers who have given themselves to make my world safe and peaceful, not only for myself but for my children – the same warriors who end up on the streets, damaged from war and all they have been subjected to.

When I see someone who is homeless I am reminded that they were most likely still fighting battles too terrible for me to understand.  Treat them with respect and dignity.  You don’t know where they’ve been or what they’ve been through.

This is what matters in this world of matter.  That we live knowing everyone is the same as us and wants the same things.  The true meaning of life is that we know why we’re here and try to live the best possible life and are grateful for the opportunity.

Not everyone makes it here.  Too many souls are denied access to this 3rd dimension, denying their vision to create a life that matters.


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