Hiatal Hernia or Twisted Diaphragm?

It all started while I was playing around on a giant exercise ball.  I didn’t know anything about exercise balls when I decided to use it but a ball is a ball and I’m such a kid I couldn’t pass up the moment.  I was in the chiropractor’s office and I didn’t have anyone coming in for massage for at least 1/2 hour so I thought, “what the heck!”

I threw myself on the giant ball and immediately fell off and twisted my torso.  Oh, the pain!  Took my breath away while I attempted to stand but my body had twisted in such a manner that my whole upper abdomen locked up.  Excruciating pain for almost 3 minutes and then everything began to feel a bit better.

About two weeks later symptoms of pain began to surface around my abdomen, just under my ribs.  Spasms began and heartburn and while this was happening I was trying to understand where this “all of a sudden” was coming from?  I had totally forgotten about the ball incident that had happened weeks ago.

When I got a diagnosis of Hiatal hernia from a doctor I still hadn’t remembered the incident, not until I was driving home from work.  It finally hit me what had happened and I remembered.

By the time I got home I had to find out if I could fix the symptoms, which were increasingly uncomfortable, and asked my husband to help.

He was so funny.  All I asked him to do was a diaphragm release and you’d have thought I’d asked him to perform a heart operation.

Anyway, he held my point of release for the diaphragm – just how I showed him – and it all worked out just fine.  The diaphragm is a large muscle that separates the lungs and upper chest cavity from the stomach and intestines – all lower abdomen organs.  When I fell off the giant exercise ball I hadn’t known that I’d twisted my diaphragm and the immediate pain I had felt was my diaphragm spasming.

Had I not remembered what I’d done to cause my symptoms, I would have opted for treatment of a hiatal hernia.  A simple release of the diaphragm muscle restored it to it’s natural state.  No more symptoms or spasms.

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