ACV for Strep Throat

I awoke one morning and before I got out of bed, my first swallow told me my throat was on fire.  At the same moment, a voice in my head said, “Strep throat!”  Looking in the mirror confirmed I did, indeed, have Strep because I had the white spots at the back of my throat.

Everything I’d ever researched or read about the natural treatment for Strep recommended taking Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  I’d read that it eradicated Strep throat but I was afraid that the infection would get out of control.  I’d read that the Strep bacteria, if not treated, may result in Rheumatic Fever.  Not something I was confident about treating naturally, I told myself if I didn’t feel better within a few hours using the ACV that I would go to the Emergent Care for treatment.

So I got the ACV out of my cupboard and poured about an ounce into just a small amount of water.  Then I took my first sip.  The ACV hitting the back of my throat burned so badly I just about came out of my skin.  Choking on the first sip, I felt the burn go half way down my esophagus, which meant the bacteria were making it rapidly down toward my heart.

This scared me and I almost threw the ACV down the drain and headed out to the EC center for antibiotics, but a voice in my head told me “You can do this!”  I really needed to trust what my intuition was telling me but the doubt kept me moving toward reacting in fear.

I decided I would stay with my original plan to put the ACV in a small amount of water and see what happened, at least for a little while.  If I didn’t get any better within a few hours then I would beat it on over to the EC.

I kept sipping and swallowing the ACV and in a short while my throat was no longer burning when I swallowed.  Progress.

With each swallow I could hear my stomach gurgling.  I later learned that the stomach gurgling was the bacteria that was causing the Strep being killed off from the stomach to the throat, obliterating the infection.

Within 12 hours of sipping the ACV all day long I no longer had any symptoms of Strep.  By morning, a full 24 hours later, the infection was gone.

A few months later someone was talking about their son having multiple instances of Strep throat and he had become immune to the antibiotics.  Nothing was working and it kept coming back.  The doctors didn’t know what to do for him.

I told this parent about the ACV treatment.  He said he’d have his son try it.

About a week later I saw him again and he said the ACV worked to get rid of his son’s Strep throat.  A few months later he told me his son hadn’t had another episode and his Doctor considered him out of the woods.

My niece tried the ACV when she couldn’t shake multiple episodes of Strep and after taking the ACV treatment she never had it again.

Strep begins in the stomach.  It’s interesting how the bacteria is killed off and doesn’t return.  Although the more natural ACV with the “mother” in it is recommended (and tastes better) I used what I had on hand from the grocery store and it worked just as well.

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