Skin Brushing – Help for the 3rd Kidney

There are many good ways to scratch an itch but I’ve found none better than using a dry skin brush.  You can find them in stores like pharmacies, Bed & Bath, Pier 1, and many other stores if you look for them.

The dry skin brushes have hard natural vegetable fiber bristles (it will say so right on the back of the brush) and you don’t want to wet the brush or take it into the shower.  Oh, you can, but that’s not what it’s for.  It really is a dry skin brush and once you begin using it you’ll not want to stop.  It’s the best thing for your skin and an itch and I’d use it over fingernails, even the really long ones.  The brush has a long handle for reaching the hard to reach areas but you can use the brush without the handle also.

The skin is called the 3rd kidney for a reason.  When the kidneys reach a point where they can’t handle all the toxins, they pass those excess toxins on to the skin.  If you have skin eruptions you can pretty much blame it on your kidneys not being able to handle any more toxins.

Clean or flush the kidneys by juicing one half of a lemon and adding 1 tbs. of olive oil to it…then just drink it down.  This will help to detox both kidneys.  Do that once a day for at least one month and you will cleanse your kidneys and may help your skin also.  You may also want to check this out to cleanse the kidneys:

As for the dry skin brushing, with brush in hand begin at your feet and brush up towards the heart.  Gently at first.  Once you get used to the bristles you can decide if you want to brush vigorously or gently.  I preferred gently when I started and now I brush a little harder because it feels so good.  Always brush your skin towards your heart.

Brush your feet, legs and thighs then move to the hips and lower abdomen, then brush the upper abdomen, brushing up towards the heart, then the arms, back, neck and chest.  Brush your arms from the fingers toward the shoulder and down on the chest.  The only part of your body you don’t brush is your face.

Brushing the skin helps the kidneys.  The more you brush the skin, the more dead cells you eliminate and your skin looks and feels healthy and radiant.


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