Cold Sores & Canker Sores

Cold sores are around the lips while canker sores are inside the mouth.  Both are painful.  Herpes Simplex II is the usual name for these sores.

I used to have them when I was much younger, in my teen years.  I couldn’t believe how painful they were.  I had read that they are caused by a virus and since there are no medicines for viruses, well they were supposedly very difficult to be rid of them.

Until I ran across an easy cure for cold sores.  Try this the next time you feel one just breaking the skin around the mouth.  Go to the pharmacy and purchase a styptic pencil.  This is the pencil that is used by many men to stop the bleeding when the skin is nicked while shaving.  Ask the pharmacy to point you in the direction of the shelf where they’re stored.  Take it home and wet the pencil, then gently rub it over the spot where the cold sore is just beginning.  The cold sore will dry up and if you’ve caught it in time, it will never fully erupt.  Works very well.

For canker sores inside the mouth, once again a virus is responsible, however I always keep capsules of White Oak Bark, which is an astringent, on hand.  Just open the capsule and wet your finger, then put your finger in the powder and rub it over the sore on the inside of your mouth.  Within a few short minutes the sore will begin to heal.  I’ve only ever had to use one or two doses of the powder in this manner for the sore to fully heal.

You may want some research about White Oak Bark so here is a link where you can read about what it is good for:

For the actual virus that is floating around in your body, the one responsible for the cold sore and for canker sores, you may want to try something known as VS-C.  That stands for Virus – Chinese formula.  Read about it here:

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