How to Save Your Gallbladder

Did you know that detoxing various organs cleanses them of stones and debris that blocks passages and opens channels so organs function properly?

Well the gallbladder is one organ that is very easy to clean out.  I’ve actually done it one one afternoon when I was having appendix issues and thought it was my gallbladder.

Over the years I’ve flushed my gallbladder at least 20 times in order to not have to have surgery to remove it.  The gallbladder is the storage unit for cholesterol and natural sodium.  We all know what cholesterol does by now but not everyone realizes what the job of natural sodium stored in the gallbladder does.  Sodium is the buffer for acids in the body.  Whenever the body is too acidic, natural sodium buffers the acids and calms the body.   So what happens when we have no gallbladder?  This is a good case for taking enzymes.

So what foods make the body acidic?  I could list all of them but it’s easier to list the foods that don’t make the body acidic – so here goes.  Fruits and vegetables grown above ground.

All the rest of food we eat makes the body acidic.  Except for almonds.  The almond is the only alkaline nut.

I love carbs.  My life demanded I eat lots of carbs so I do.  Carbs are comfort food and chocolate mimics alcohol in the body and I don’t drink.  So I eat carbs and chocolate.  However, I’ve always known how to balance an excess of chocolate and the side-effects of eating too much of it.  There’s this great stuff that balances the sweet in the stomach and tissues and takes the pain out of the muscles.  Sugar stored in muscles causes pain and discomfort because sugar burns too hot for the body and should only be used in cases where a lot of energy is being burned, such as healing.  Sugar helps healers manufacture more energy for healing and healing people is my job.  My body utilizes a lot of sugar so over the years I’ve balanced the side-effects of eating too much of it with capsules containing safflower (flowers).  Read about them here:

So back to the gallbladder.  This is what to do if your gallbladder needs attention.  You’ll know it because there is pain on the right side just under the ribs.  Also, if you have joint pain, you may want to clean the gallbladder and possibly the liver.  For now, we’ll focus on the gallbladder.

If you are sick or weak do not attempt to detox.  Follow the ABC’s of health:

Activate – Build – Cleanse.

It’s not difficult to flush the gallbladder nor does it take a long time.  A gallbladder flush consists of doing this:

1st:  Eat nothing but fruit for the day.  All day.  No avocados because of the fat content.  Eat nothing with fat in it.  NO butter or cheese.  Just fruit such as pears (really good), apples, apple sauce, peaches, grapes, watermelon, melons, berries, any fruit is good other than those containing fats.  Do this all day.

2nd: About bedtime or 10 p.m. – just before you get into bed – juice about 2 lemons to get 1/2 cup of juice and combine that juice with 1/2 cup of pure olive oil.  No blends – a blended oil may cause nausea.  Shake up the mixture and just before you get into bed, drink it all down.

3rd:  Lie down on your right side for at least 20 minutes.  This is so the juice and oil runs through the gallbladder.  After 20 minutes on your right side you may then sleep in your normal position.

The next morning you will pass pea-sized bright green stones (usually they float) through the bowel.  You’ll see them floating around in the toilet.

If you feel the gallbladder is uncomfortable with more stones that didn’t come out, just flush it again.  If you need to do another flush you may eat fruit and continue for one or two days more. You decide.  Each night right before bed drinking the lemon and olive oil mixture.  If you don’t want to eat more fruit for another day, then just take more of the lemon and olive oil and let it work for you again, lying down on your right side in bed is going to help.  I’ve only ever had to do another flush right away one time in all the years I’ve done them.

The gallbladder is now flushed out and you’re ready to live without discomfort.  I generally keep this formula around in case I need it.  It works really well when I haven’t time to do a gallbladder flush.

Good luck! And let me know how it worked for you!


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Always listen to your body when attempting to detox.

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