How To Have a Healthy Gut

So. You want to be healthy and don’t know where to start? Somehow as we age we lose our health along the way and have to spend our retirement in doctor’s offices.  Not for me.  Never was.  Not going to be now.  So I’m keeping myself healthy by keeping my gut microbiome healthy.

Researchers have finally discovered what Naturopaths have known all along:  Healthy gut microbiome – it’s not what you eat – it’s what your gut microbiome eats.

I saw a movie last night about a guy in Australia who had his poo tested to learn what was in it.  Researchers have finally discovered – that it’s not what you eat but what your gut microbiome eats that keeps you healthy.

The man from Australia had his poo tested before he went out to Africa and spent a week with a tribe who ate nothing but fresh food from the ground and picking it off bushes.  Everything fresh.  Lots of vegetables, very little meat.

After one week the guy from Australia went home with poo from the tribe, who laughed and thought it was funny that he had taken samples of their poo, and had it tested – while he had his retested.

Results: His poo had improved measurably after living in Africa and eating fresh food.

This goes along with Hulda Clark’s research which she wrote in her book “The Cure for All Diseases” and “The Cure for All Cancers.”  Hulda Clark was a Harvard Researcher.  She found that what makes people sick are bacteria, parasites, viruses and molds that populates the gut and kill off the beneficial microbiome in the gut.  Without the healthy microbiome the unhealthy microbiome take over and become rampant, making the body sick.

Researchers have found that by taking healthy poo from healthy people and injecting it into very sick people with poor microbiome, they can make people healthy once again.

Now for me that’s pretty radical.  Why not just work on making your own microbiome healthy?

This stuff has a patent on it. Check it out.

And also check out this product – remember when we used to pick vegetables right out of the earth and eat them? Veggies like carrots and potatoes and turnips?  Well this mimics the beneficial bacteria we used to get from doing that. Check it out:

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