Maybe It Isn’t Arthritis

I’m often amazed at people who take better care of their cars than they do their bodies.  I mean, you can trade a car in when it’s old.  You can’t trade your body in.

I see people who hurt, are in pain, can’t move or turn their heads because their necks hurt, can’t move their back, can’t bend their knees.  They may think it’s arthritis and by the time they’re old they think they’re arthritic, sure.  Why wouldn’t they?  That’s what their doctors tell them.

But even the doctors don’t have massage so how would they know why people have sore and stiff muscles?

I’ve been a massage therapist for 20 years.  I’ve been an advanced massage therapist for 18 of those years.  I’ve fixed frozen shoulders, excruciatingly painful elbows, knees, necks.  I’ve fixed a jaw that was out of alignment just by holding two points on the head, a lower leg moved back into place just by holding the patella at the knee, a dancer’s leg strengthened by holding a point on her toe, a tennis player’s shoulder when he thought his tennis days were over (he went on to win his match), and so much more.

And I wonder how people don’t know about massage for their largest organ system – the muscular system.

The muscles get spasmed with repetitive motion.  Much of what you believe to be arthritis ( a term that suggests the joints are inflamed) is nothing more than muscles in spasm.

I had a woman come in whose hands were like claws.  The finger joints were stiff and wouldn’t move out of a claw position.  She knitted constantly and her fingers were stuck.  It took me three hours – 3 one hour sessions – to work her hands out of the claw positions they were stuck in.  She was so happy.

Another woman came in and was crying because her podiatrist told her she would never dance in heels again because of bone spurs.  I popped off the bone spurs and she was ecstatic that her feet no longer hurt.  “I can wear my heels tonight!”

After knee and hip surgery the muscles are pulled at the knee and hip to make room for the surgical procedure.  Those muscles naturally go into spasm.  The best thing you can do is have a massage therapist work the spasms out of the pulled muscles around the surgery.  Healing happens so much faster when you massage out the muscles.

I use positional release which is very easy on the patient and on the therapist.  Positional release teaches the muscles how to do what they were intended to do – once again.

You would be doing your body the biggest favor by having massage at least once every month.  I’ve had people who know the value of massage come for an hour and a half every week.  Then there are people who do it less often but still know the value of massage.

Massage addresses the aches and pains of aging.  Find someone you feel comfortable with and understand that we all have the same pieces and parts and those parts often go into spasm and cause the discomfort you’re having.  Much of your back pain is caused by the bend and twist muscle above the hips.

Aging doesn’t have to hurt.  Massage is an ancient art that addresses muscle discomfort and pain.  Do yourself a solid.  Make an appointment with a qualified massage therapist and then let your doctor know how much it has helped so he or she will begin to recommend body work instead of prescriptions.



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