Burns & Bites & Blisters

Growing up, an inquisitive kid in the country, I found others to hang out with from school. We’d meet back in the woods, acres and acres of nothing but forests that introduced us to the flora and fauna. My friend and I would see both red and gray fox, and deer were often silent companions. We would startle the quail mother who would pick up her pace when she would see us, her five or six babies trying to keep up, all in a straight line behind her. Colorful pheasant males would hunt for seeds, and though we’d never actually see them, you would hear the bobtail cats screeching in the evening, their favorite time to hunt.

I would often admire the plant kingdom and stop when I’d see something unusual like the mayflowers and jack in the pulpits and yuccas – which always grew in bunches of social circles. I was in love with the tall fuzzy mullein plant with the beautiful yellow flowers and later discovered that the plant was used to heal the lungs. Comfrey literally spoke to me in the way plants speak. It reached out and pulled me toward it – no escape – literally trapped my attention and held it – I was a willing prisoner.

I can only guess that the Native Americans found plants that heal in this way.

Comfrey is my go to plant for burns and skin eruptions and blisters.

My husband took a blow torch across his hand one day. You just can’t be careless with a blow torch but somehow he was. The wound didn’t bleed, the fire too hot and it cauterized the skin down to the cartilage and bone. Layers deep, you could see the damage all the way through with no blood to block the view. He waited 3 hours til I came home and handed him bags of groceries without saying a word to me about how much pain he was in.

When we got inside he finally mentioned it and when I saw the damage it made me move into action. I immediately got the comfrey root and mixed it with distilled water and put the black ointment onto a sterile pad. Just before I laid it on his hand I asked him if he was ready and he told me he was. He braced for the pain but nothing can prepare you for it. I laid the compress over the wound and waited. It took him a few minutes to react and when he finally did he was in shock at how the wound felt.

He said that when I first laid the comfrey on the burn he just about came up out of the chair it hurt so bad. But then something happened. The comfrey began to pull the burn out of the wound like it was sucking the pain right out of it. In only a few minutes he said the pain was literally being pulled right out of the burn. A few minutes more and there was no more pain. It had settled right out and was no longer hurting. I was shocked myself. It was the first time I’d had to use comfrey for a burn. It was a 3rd degree and I had to trust that everything I’d read about comfrey would heal it. Two days later he went to the nurse at the plant where he worked and told her what he’d done to his hand. When she looked at it she too was shocked at how it had healed and wanted to know what’d done it. “Find out the name of that stuff! I’ve never seen a burn this bad heal so quickly!” By the end of the week his hand looked like new. Nothing marred the skin, which had totally healed over. Did I mention that comfrey is a cell proliferator? It heals so quickly that if you don’t wash the wound and get all the dirt out, the skin will heal right over the dirt so make sure if you use comfrey for a dirty wound that you wash it well.

Comfrey will also pull the poison out of a bee sting and heal it. Plantain leaves, chewed and put onto the skin will do the same.

Another shrub that literally spoke to me through mind-speak was the Hawthorne berry. Did you know that Hawthorne berry has the ability to heal the heart within 48 hours of taking it? But that’s another story.

Walk in Beauty

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