Happy to be Human

Being my advanced age is a great place to be. I’m loving it and feel great! Oh, there are times when I don’t but after all this time I generally know what to do about not feeling so great which eliminates all the doctors visits because I know what to do in most cases to feel better. It’s something I’ve always worked with.

My first husband used to criticize me because I used natural ways to heal myself and others. He never believed in natural ways and told me I was a witch and he was going to have me committed. Years later, he apologized for all the nasty things he used to say to me but by then I was with my second husband who, for a while, appreciated me. Now he’s no longer around either – both gone into the archives of bygone days best forgotten.

So when I do go to a doctor for whatever reason my records usually aren’t up to date. The last time I had to appear for “labs” the receptionist couldn’t find my records. That’s because they were under another husband’s name. So we got that figured out and she asked me if I was my last husband’s name and I told her I wasn’t that any more either. I said it’s been at least 40 years and I like to change husbands every 20 years just to keep things interesting. I got a few laughs from the folks in the office with that one.

Then I told her that the only companion I favor these days is my dog and how much more companionable dogs are except for the way they say hello. Whenever I walk my dog Eva/Deva (pictured) I’m reminded of how happy I am that I’m a human because humans don’t have to sniff each others’ butts to say hello. Can you imagine a society where we behave as dogs do when they greet each other? That’s what makes me happy to be of the two-legged race instead of the 4 legged variety. Although dogs don’t seem to mind sniffing butts or rolling around in nasty smelling stuff out in the yard. They seem to be pretty happy smelling awful. It’s when we try to put flowery smelling soap on their fur that they try to roll in something that will get rid of the smell.

My dog hates tea tree, which I tried using on her a number of times to keep fleas off her in summer. She got to a point where she was adamant that I not use it again and she let me know for the last time when she threw up and then wouldn’t even look at me for hours. Just turned her back to me and wouldn’t come near me. I got the message loud and clear and promised her I wouldn’t use tea tree on her for fleas ever again. She’s been fine ever since and now I just carefully dust her with diatomaceous earth to keep fleas away. It’s been working the last 3 years. Not a flea in site.

Tea tree essential oil came in handy with another little puppy I had when I was looking for something for fleas for him and put a chemical on his shoulder area that was a flea repellent. It burned the poor little guy. He was miserable for a whole day before I finally figured out what was wrong with him. I immediately rubbed tea tree oil into the spot where I’d put the chemical and he had immediate relief and jumped right down from his bed and went to his food. He hadn’t eaten in a day because he was miserable. Tea tree does come in handy when you need it.

Look out for our 4 legged friends and fleas. Use natural whenever possible. And always be happy to be human.

Walk in the Way of Beauty!

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