Giving Thanks to Nature

Mornings are my favorite time of day. Mornings are when the Earth awakens and the birds are singing and looking around for their nesting materials and their food. Everything smells fresh and comes alive. If there’s fog and it’s thick, this is when those that have passed walk upon the Earth. Grandmother – a Cherokee medicine woman I have had the pleasure of apprenticing with – called them “the old ones” or the “Elders.”

If you listen closely, you may hear them and if you look closely you may see them. If you know how to project yourself into the fog you may definitely feel them.

Beauty is all around us. My church is Nature and every morning, afternoon and evening I take my 6 lb. Puppy – Eva/Deva – outside to do her business. At each of those times we walk and take in what’s happening in the natural world. Nature is pure intelligence and all of Nature speaks if you know how to listen. Even the rocks speak. Hold one in your hand and be in the stillness of your being. Rocks are the record keepers of the Earth and will tell you stories of what and who has passed and what they’ve seen and heard. Just be still and let them tell their stories. When you see pictures and feel the scenes, their stories have been told. Trust what you’ve been given.

I’ve always been drawn to the rock kingdom. Even as a child I would go into the woods and sit on the flat black rocks in the forest and feel as though I could sleep or just rest. I never realized back then that the rocks would call to me and welcome me. It wasn’t until much later that my dreams would show the rocks welcoming me into their inner worlds.

I love the Tall ones – the trees. Their beauty and their majesty draw my eyes and I give such great appreciation for their life. Without the trees we wouldn’t be able to breath. They give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide so with every breath we take we owe the trees gratitude. The great Pine gives of itself in the coldest time of year and sends its pure healing scent across the land. I’ve always been sad when I see they’ve been cut down at their prime time of healing the land and brought inside to die slowly as Christmas trees. The Natives of the land used to have Great Pine ceremonies where they honored the pines for their healing and they would decorate them and give thanks to them. Eventually this ceremony morphed into cutting down the trees at Christmas and decorating them inside houses and then left at curbsides to die a slow death.

I never put insecticide or any kind of poison on my lawn so the natural world remains safe even though my yard is filled with weeds and wildflowers. If I have to pull the weeds I sing to them the song I was taught so the weeds will go willingly with just the touch of a hand. Sau ah see sooloo sooloo. Sau ah see sooloo sooloo! Sing to the soul of the plants! All of nature is welcome here even though the neighbors may not appreciate that my lawn has weeds.

Teach your children and your grandchildren about the beauty of nature. Give them something to make them want to go outside and explore the natural world around them. If you live in the heart of the cities – take them to the parks and let them explore nature. This generation is so involved with their electronics and those of us who are grandparents know what they’re missing out on.

Walk barefoot in the grass and feel like a kid again. Always watch out for the bees though, and when you see them give thanks that they are still with us and doing their job of pollinating the flowers. The more I would thank them the more I would see! Give thanks to all you see in Nature. Then just watch what happens to the world around you.

Walk in Beauty.

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