The Beauty Way

It is a fact of life that the Powers That Be, heretofore mentioned as PTB, have figured out how to enslave the people with their rules and their taxes. Why should women not work? If women worked then all of the population of the world can pay taxes, not just half the population. This was reiterated to a politician from Arizona by a Rockefeller, I believe. Which Rockefeller escapes me however when I read the politician’s statement all the Rockefellers came to mind. They’re all in it together.

It is the RICH that make the rules – for the RICH. The rules aren’t made to protect the little people. The FDA doesn’t protect us, it is an entity that protects its own interests – the Big Pharmaceuticals. If you ask a person how they matter in life, they would most likely tell you that they don’t. It may be because most of us are treated as though we don’t matter.

So, individually, we may not matter in the larger picture, however, disregarding the broader picture, in our own lives, in our own small universes, we do matter. In some way each of us matters to someone else. Our parents, our spouses, our children, our work, our social networks, our pets even. We matter. Most people are okay with that. Most people recognize that what matters most are the people around us, that make up how we feel, emotionally.

Yes, there are wonderful, gifted, heart-centered people who work for the good of all and can juggle their lives around a broader perspective. These hard-working, giving people spend their time in board rooms and meetings and still find time to spend with their families and friends.

I’m not one of those people.

I work within the confines of my home and it is all I can do to keep my home uncluttered and clean. Which is why I hire someone to help me even do that.

So what makes us different? And aren’t you glad we are different? Because if we weren’t then the world would be made up of slugs like me who are happiest just working with what I love and having a small, well okay, a medium access to people around me, which is more than enough for me.

Being that I am semi-retired, knowing that I worked my butt off during my lifetime, I am fine with my little space and those who want time with me in my universe. I’ve had a larger world and wasn’t anywhere near as happy as I am now. This is my Golden Years and I’m okay with where I’m at. This is where I can live and walk the Beauty Way.

The Beauty Way is calm, it’s peaceful and it’s beautiful. It’s a space where I can look for the Beauty in life, in people, in joy and in harmony within my space and in my life. This is what I want for my family and for my friends and for those who choose to be in my universe. I want the Beauty Way to catch on and hold space.

I recently got off Facebook. It took too much time and the politics was aggravating. Politics is why I don’t watch the news. Any news. And haven’t since the first George Bush was in office. Oh, I’d catch things and read news online but I had to let go of the news because it is very one-sided and I know the stations are owned by special interests. The PTB own everything and I refuse to buy into their propaganda. Be careful what you listen to. Make your own decisions about what’s happening and check them against other’s opinions who are in the know. Perceptions are manipulated all the time. Become like the Eagle and fly over and over, ever circling above to find truth. Truth is not always evident. Listen always.

I found the movie Captain Marvel to be uplifting.  In one scene she was falling to her death and she focused, very Zen-like, within herself and found that place that allowed her to save herself and to fly.  She had pulled that from her space within.  She saved herself.  She knew that we all have the ability to save ourselves from within our own space.

Find your own center. Be Zen.  Focus yourself in a place of peace. If someone or something threatens your peace then excuse yourself and write their dialog out of your life. You don’t need to make excuses. Just let them know your peace is threatened and you choose peace, always. Create your world in peace. Peace is within and radiates out. If your inner world is at peace then so will your outer world reflect that peace. Love and honor yourself in the Way of Beauty.



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