The Art of Zen

Someone asked me why I don’t have a dishwasher.

I said “Because, for me, doing dishes is Zen.  It is where I practice mindfulness in action.  

Perplexed were they. I said that when I’m doing dishes I am in the moment and I try very hard not to let my mind wander to other things. Doing dishes lets me be right where I am and I focus all of my attention there. You see, no one likes to do dishes so I know that when I am cleaning the kitchen I will be alone and everyone will leave me alone unless I ask for help. It is in those alone moments that I can practice the art of Zen.  Meditation in motion can be done with anything one does.  Place your whole being within the action and be at peace.

Zen – a place you go into inside of yourself to find peace and relax. I put aside my frustrations and my anxiety and find within myself a place where I only pay attention to what I am doing and do that one thing with my whole being. I guess it sounds silly to say that while I’m doing dishes – a place where I know I’ll be alone – I can find peace and relaxation. No matter what else is going on in my small universe it is while doing dishes that I can relax.

Of course you can take Zen into your work – it’s what makes one good at what they do.

Don’t get me wrong – I keep paper plates for the times when Zen is just not possible. And I have a whole stack of paper plates!

But Zen calls me on days when worries rule and I don’t mind giving myself over to it. Sometimes even the small things in my universe help me find my peace.

Peace is not outside of me.  Peace is within me.  It takes practice and you know you’ve made it when you feel the shift happen.

Best of health to you!

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