Modere for that Orange Peel Skin

At any age a woman feels she wants to look her best. When I morphed into my 60’s it wasn’t an effortless transition. My body began to show my age in numberless ways and right then I realized I had never taken care of my skin – I never felt I had to! But all of that changed when I looked into the mirror and saw that my skin had changed. And not in a good way. I had heard of “orange-peel” skin but never knew what was meant by that until I looked closely and saw it staring back at me in the mirror.

I immediately got to work to find how best to eliminate the orange peel affect. What I found about skin-care lines is that there are lots of them so you must simply choose which you feel is best for you.

I went with Modere’s Skin line. This line, I found out later, was in the gift bags at the Oscars. Now you have to wonder how they pulled that off if their line wasn’t something to shout about?

It is a good skin care line and so I stay with it. Weeks later my skin no longer has the dreaded older aging orange peel look. It’s once again smooth and because of Modere’s lotions and the Liquid Biocell, which is also Modere, with all the hyaluronic acid and collagen, I have almost no wrinkles.

Treat yourself. By this time in our lives, we deserve it.

To check out the skin-care line to the stars go here and get $10 off your first order.

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