Have the Flu? Try This!

If you’ve had upper respiratory congestion for more than a few weeks – you may want to read this!

The flu isn’t what it used to be, so I’ve found.  This last year was the worst I’ve ever had it and that’s saying a lot.  Normally, with any flu or in this case, upper respiratory symptoms of cough and pneumonia or bronchitis, I am able to put the symptoms in a box – so to speak – and do what I have to do to eradicate them.  However, this time my health degenerated so rapidly and profoundly that I wasn’t able to box the symptoms up properly.  I developed pneumonia in my right lung and it was progressing to my left lung.  I was taking capsicum (cayenne or red pepper) capsules six times a day, two capsules each time, to get my lungs to clear, along with other natural things I’ve done before.  Vitamin D3 is essential to help bring up the acidic pH that goes along with this flu.  I was taking at least 6000 i.u.’s to help my system.  Still, nothing was touching this stuff.

Most people I’ve spoken to about this upper respiratory flu/cold/disease – call it what you will, said it was deadly.  Three people I spoke to had had it for 4 months.  One of my dearest friends couldn’t expel it from her lungs and she went into cardiac arrest – and died hours later.  At one point, because things come to me in various dimensions, I saw a weaponized bacteria staring at me from 4th dimension – my subconscious was talking to me and showed me what I was up against.

This was war on a bacterial level.

I was exhausted from trying to battle the vicious bacteria on my own – using natural means – so I did something I have never had to do – I went to Emergent Care and actually sought help from a Medical Doctor.  He was very nice.  Two minutes before I walked into the EC a friend called to ask how I was doing and she told me her doctor put her on Prednisone and a Z-pack.  She said the Prednisone was necessary and to ask my doctor for it and I did.  He thought it was a good idea and also gave me the Z-pack and an inhaler for 4 days.  I recommend you take the three drugs for at least 10 days – we later found that 10 days severely weakened the bacteria and people were better able to come out of symptoms and their own immune systems grew strong enough to kick the bacteria completely.

I took the drugs the doctor gave me for 4 days and it weakened the bacteria enough for me to take my natural remedies.  I obtained elderberry from a place that combined elderberry with a strong apple cider and that along with Vitamin D3 – at least 4000 i.u. daily or more, plus the capsicum capsules – at least 6 daily – stayed the cough and let me sleep peacefully through the night.

Let me tell you about capsicum so you know why it was essential to take it for the symptoms of cough and congested lungs.

Capsicum is the hottest pepper – if you have the African Cayenne – that you can put in your body.  The heat from cayenne blows out stagnant energy and warms the coldness of the lungs.  You can tell the lungs are in a cold condition when you have loose phlegm that the lungs are trying to expel and you feel cold chills.  This is called a cold or acidic condition and is the best scenario to use the cayenne, which is hot.  The heat of the cayenne warms a cold condition so it’s great for those internal chills.

The problem with this flu was that the lungs were in a cold condition but the phlegm wasn’t coming up.  The cayenne causes the lungs to warm and also helps to expel the phlegm and that helps to get and keep the lungs healthy.  I have used cayenne pepper another time when I had pneumonia, but it wasn’t a weaponized pneumonia.  In that case I was rid of the pneumonia in only 24 hours.  My lungs cleared very quickly that time.  This time the bacteria was weaponized – very dangerous – and it took me 4 days of heavy duty cayenne to clear my lungs.  But by that time I was exhausted and that’s when I went to the doctor who told me I had bronchitis.  Downgraded from pneumonia, I was stronger after the z-pack and Prednisone and was then able to kick the bronchitis.

Still, it took me another two weeks to feel better.  That whole time I stayed on the cayenne capsules.  Did I mention that Capsicum – African red pepper – is the highest form of vitamin C that you can take?  Vitamin C is not a fat vitamin such as A, D, E, and K – so it leaves your body and isn’t stored, meaning you can safely take it every day.  Unlike vitamin C tablets, which can be taken to bowel tolerance, meaning you may take as much as your body needs but when the body has had enough and you still take it your bowels will tell you when you’ve taken too much.

Cayenne pepper will also let you know when you don’t need it any longer but in a very different way.  Because of the heat of the pepper – you’ll feel a burn when you no longer need it.  However, if you’re very sick – you won’t feel the burn.  The sicker you are – the less you feel the burn of cayenne.  The better you feel – the stronger the burn.  This is also true if used on the surface of the skin.  Cayenne will cauterize a cut because of the ability it has to burn.  Try it sometime.  If you have a superficial cut on your skin and put cayenne pepper over it to stop the bleeding you will feel the burn acutely.  However, if the cut is deep and you put cayenne on it to cauterize the deep wound, you’ll never feel the burn.  In other words – the more you need cayenne – the less the burn.  Cayenne pepper does have the ability to stop internal bleeding.

The remedy that most people are missing for this weaponized bacteria that leaves the doctors shaking their heads about what to do to help the lungs is Capsicum/Cayenne/red pepper.  African red pepper is the hottest you can buy.  Keep it on hand – you never know when you may need it.  I’ve opened the capsules and used the powder on food in place of black pepper.  It’s easier on the stomach than black pepper.   The red African pepper capsules may be obtained here: http://rainsholistichealth.net/?sn=160.

Best of health to you!

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