Effects of Poisoning the Land with Pesticides

A few years ago my husband called a pesticide company to come out and spray for termites. They were attacking our home and he said that when the contractor sprayed the house the termites came raining down. I wasn’t there at the time.
I arrived shortly after he sprayed the house and saw him spraying one of the outbuildings. The pesticide he was spraying came down in torrents – like rain. I had a bad feeling.
I love nature’s night sounds. They sound like rattles rattling only very loud and I close my eyes and let the sounds carry me as though I’m floating on a river of sound. I journey on night sounds because it’s the music of the soul and carries me into the dream-time and portals that connect the worlds together. I’m comforted by the music of the night creatures.
So one night, as I lay in bed listening and journeying I fell asleep. About midnight something woke me and I realized it was the sound of complete silence. I panicked and rose out of bed and looked out the window to see something, anything that would be responsible for silencing all of nature. I saw nothing but the light of the moon shadows. I was afraid.
I love the country. Ponds are everywhere in my county. Ponds were the reason I moved to this place. They’re everywhere and almost everyone has a pond on their acreage. I love water. It is my element. Water is life and where there is water, life abounds. I love watching the Great Blue Heron feed on fish, the snapping turtle make it’s way from the pond in the back to the pond in the front with slow, steady progress. The frogs are my favorite. The frogs in the back pond croak and suddenly stop and you’ll listen and hear the frogs in the front pond answering. I often would find frogs in my pool and have to rescue them before we turned on the filter or they’d get caught in it and die.
Now the voices of the frogs could only be heard in the far distance. All of the night sounds moved away and I was devastated. The silence was the loudest thing to be heard at night. It was too much.
When I journeyed into the kingdom of the frog people all of their backs were turned toward me. This was very bad.
Nature stayed silent for four years. I agonized over every season that I had to listen to the silence and hated every minute of it. At the fourth season I said, “No More.” I would journey into the kingdom of the frog people and beg them to return. So that night I asked for guidance and took with me my best companion and we journeyed into the other world to meet with the Frog King. Once again I was met with the backs of the frogs turned toward me. I spoke anyway and told them all how sorry I was that their world had been filled with poison and they had not been respected. I kept talking about how life was not the same since they had gone and that no matter what – pesticides would never be used again as long as I lived upon the land.
Slowly the frogs began to turn toward me and before I could speak another word they were all over me and at my feet all around. I was very glad that my words had touched them and I promised I would keep my word.
That summer the frogs returned to my home and brought back with them the night creatures and their music and I was delighted and relieved to hear their voices once again.

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