Gua Sha Gets Results

Gua Sha Gets Results
Often people will ask me that out of all the techniques I use in my massage, which one gives the greatest results?
I had to think about that. I LOVE positional release. It allows the body to release spasm with no pain involved. It does that while giving the feeling of complete and total relaxation, provided the client can relax in the first place. When a muscle releases after being put in the exact position to release, there is a relaxation response second to none. With other pressure techniques there is pain involved that causes the patient to expect more pain so they tense up. That doesn’t happen with positional release. And the patient doesn’t even know you’re using a position to release the muscles, if you’re doing it right! That’s the key. I’ve had people call me and ask me if I know about positional release, that they loved it and it felt so good and I’d say, “Yes! I do it on you all the time!” And they’d say, “You work it so well I didn’t know you were even doing it! That’s because it took me years to perfect it! It’s not only easy on the patient’s body – it’s easy on me!
But I’ve learned one therapy that even positional release can’t touch. That’s because it works the actual meridians, the pathways of energy, that affect what’s happening in the organs themselves. That specific therapy is known as Gua Sha. In effect, this is a traditional Chinese medical treatment in which the skin is scraped to produce light petechiae (bruising). Practitioners believe that Gua Sha releases unhealthy bodily matter from the blood stasis within sore, tired, stiff or injured muscle areas to stimulate new oxygenated blood flow to the areas, thus promoting metabolic cell repair, regeneration, healing and recovery..(Wikipedia)
I’ve seen some very interesting things happen with Gua Sha. They involved pathology within the function – the muscular system – that couldn’t have been diagnosed even by a physician.
Two examples stand out in my mind. Well, actually three. The first one was a person who was having cysts growing under the skin. The cysts would be surgically removed only to have another appear within months. The first time I used Gua Sha it looked as though my patient had been beaten with a stick. Her whole back turned black and blue and stayed that way until the bruising went away one week later. From what I’ve experienced, bruising only happens the first time. Every subsequent treatment the skin doesn’t bruise. That was enough for the cysts to go away completely and never come back. There was something going on under the skin that was causing my patient to develop cysts. It’s been 3 years of Gua Sha weekly treatments and she has never had another cyst.
The second example of how Gua Sha made a difference in a person’s life was a patient who had experienced kidney trouble after taking certain medications. She had trouble walking as a result. Her legs just didn’t want to carry her and would tire easily. She couldn’t walk any real distance and it was a real problem. I began doing Gua Sha on her and it brought up enough to show that she was having an issue. She, too, had what looked to be bruising from the treatment. It always only happens the first time. After that, it never shows up again, but it pulls the problem up out of the body and then it disappears. The second time she came in she told me her husband had a message for me. He said to keep doing whatever it is I’m doing because she’s walking again without a problem. That was over a year ago and she’s never had an issue with her legs since.
The third example was of a patient who had stomach issues. She was never hungry and didn’t have any appetite. She was getting thinner and thinner and couldn’t put any weight on. I did the Gua Sha on her and the next time she came in she commented that her appetite had returned and she was eating herself out of house and home. She said the area on her back directly over her stomach on the left side had swollen up and it worried her at first but there was no pain so she didn’t worry too much. It took awhile for it to go down, but her appetite was back! It did eventually go down so something happened inside her body to resolve the issue she was having. This one did not bruise. She only had the swelling.
I’ve used it on patients who have lumps under the skin that aren’t affected by massage, with good results. If there is good blood flow there is no sign of bruising.
I love Gua Sha. It is an ancient Chinese treatment that brings up the energy within the body that is causing a problem.

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