Connections, Calendars, Calibrators

Picked up one of those ad papers in an office one day, brought it home to look through and learned about a fair that was presenting at the IX Center in Cleveland. Since I’m interested in the fairs I gave it a look through. Two whole pages of faces stared at me and I went through each to see if I knew anyone since I run in some of the circles around town.

One face literally jumped out at me. He was a teacher of the Mayan Calendar from Hawaii and his name was Chris. When I saw his face, he literally jumped out at me and I mean just that. Although I’d never seen this man before nor even heard his name, I KNEW him and I knew I was supposed to see him.

So the weekend arrived when he would be in town and I went to the IX Center and paid my admission ticket and went to find him. It wasn’t easy, the place was HUGE and filled with thousands. When I found him he was with another person and I waited patiently til they left and then I sat down across from Chris and we began our interaction. I’d studied the Mayan calendar for a brief period and loved it and wanted to see how my reading would differ from the normal reading using say Tarot or other divination.

Chris got some information from me then looked at pages in his book. He stopped and looked again and then said, “You’re SUPPOSED to be here!” I calmly said, “I know.” He looked up as though I hadn’t heard him and said once again, “No. You’re SUPPOSED to be here!”

I stood and leaned over the table and got one inch in front of his face and said, “I KNOW!” Then sat back down.

He looked stunned, sat back in his chair for a minute, then put all the books that were on the table away and reached for bigger books to put in front of him. He was an incredibly talented reader and just knew he needed more information.

He spent an hour with me, which was way more than the time I paid for. In that hour he told me something that stuck with me because it has affected my whole life and I never knew what that was until he told me. He said that I am a human “re-calibrator.” He said I bring about change wherever I go and that I could walk into a room and people would automatically dislike or hate me because people hate change. That’s my life in a nutshell. I never understood people and their reactions to me when they didn’t even know me, yet I would do just that – walk into a room and get the dirtiest looks from people I didn’t even know. I never understood it until Chris told me that people pick up my vibration instantaneously and that when they do, they hate me or have an instant dislike for me. I always looked in the mirror to see if I had a perpetual smart-assed look on my face. I didn’t think I did, so I must have looked perplexed instead.

He told me that I can see where we are and where we need to be and then go about making the change. I guess that’s what a calibrator does. Or is it a re-calibrator, to this day I don’t understand which it is.

Chris gave me a number to reach him since we hit it off really big and then he had a talk to do on the Mayan Calendar and keys which opened up the 4th and 5th dimensions. I attended the talk and loved it. Chris had keys written in a booklet that are timeless and when you meditate on the key for the day it opens up the Mayan calendar which spirals and is dimensional. He gave us one key as an example and I found myself in a portal moving at quantum speed and hung out with the stars for a bit. Whoa! What an experience! So I definitely knew the keys worked and I also knew this guy was brilliant for creating the keys.

A few months went by and I called Chris in Hawaii and we got to talking about the Mayan calendar. I told him I had cards with all the glyphs on it but one was missing and I had to make a copy. He asked which one and I told him and he said, “Isn’t that funny! I have the same set of glyphs and I have an extra of the one you are missing!”

I knew I was supposed to see him! We had a connection through the Mayan Calendar and when he spiraled into Cleveland I spiraled around to see him. Things on Earth spiral. They’re not lineal as is the Gregorian Calendar which relates to hopelessness. The Mayan calendar is in sync with how things move on Earth – in a spiral – relating to hope. If you look at the seeds of a sunflower – they spiral. The nests of birds and bees spiral, the wood of the trees when you cut them down – spiral. Fibonacci understood the spiraling of all things in nature. But that’s another story.




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