Ok. I’m just a little P.O.’d. I probably shouldn’t say anything at all seeing that there are already 81 doctors dead that were helping people feel better naturally.  Apparently their crime entails endangering the status quo of pharmaceuticals and stocks and making western medicine look bad because their natural ways are healing people of things like cancer and autism and a plethora of diseases that plague society.  Anyway, these 81 doctors died horribly, some along with their families! All in a span of a year and a half! Suicides they say.  I’m appalled that nothing is mentioned on any news station on TV or radio which says a lot about who owns those stations.  We’re in big trouble when no one acknowledges that there is a Gestapo right here in America that blatantly kills people right under our noses and doesn’t care who knows about it.  Where do we go? Why don’t we all speak out and let them know it won’t be tolerated?  Who will stand and fight?  Natural News.com is following the nature of all of these unspeakable crimes. Go there. Read about what’s happening because you won’t hear about it on the news. The article: Dead Doctors, Dead Patients and Corporate Bullying – How the FDA is the New Murder Inc. They say the pen is mightier than the sword.  Let’s flood wordpress with articles about these crimes so everyone knows what’s happening.  We must fight back somehow.  If I die because of all of this it won’t be because of suicide.

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