The Big Picture

Pardon me while I ramble. I am older and sometimes my thoughts take me to ramblings. Bear with me.

One benefit of aging is that one has more to look back on which opens your perspective of the age old question, “what was it all about?”

But in the context of time and wisdom and aging and if you tend to believe in reincarnation and the question – do we continue to live even after we die? – are we, indeed, God experiencing Itself? In the vastness of space we must acknowledge by now that we are not alone and we are souls without end, living lifetime after lifetime in a sea of experiences that help us to understand that we are never alone.

So what is it we are learning in all of these lifetimes?  What exactly is the Big Picture of life?

For me, life is never-ending.  It is time spent experiencing everything Human.  We experience in every human aspect – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.  We experience life in many dimensions and worlds although most of us ignore that fact.  We often don’t acknowledge emotional pain but hide it behind drugs and alcohol.  I think that’s why I don’t try to soothe my emotions with drugs or alcohol.  I do chocolate instead.  Drugs and alcohol deaden the emotions and what is life without emotion?  When we emote – which is different than when we feel – emotion is a wave, a depth so intense that we know without a doubt that we are truly alive.

Take for instance Grief.  Nothing robs the life of a body as thoroughly as Grief.  The intensity of Grief makes one feel as though there is nothing left to give.  It is life-draining.  It is devastating and oh so difficult to come back from.  It is all encompassing and as close to suffocating as one can feel without actually stopping breathing, which is why deep and prolonged profound grief affects the lungs.  It is difficult to breathe through Grief.  Grief is heavy and weighs the body down making it difficult to move through Grief.  Grief is pure emotion.  We don’t FEEL Grief.  We EMOTE through it.  You can hide feelings.  You can’t hide emotions.

The Big Picture of life is pure experience.  It is time and space offering what we need to move beyond and into a broader reflection of ourselves.  That reflection is either in or on a higher vibration that brings us to a new awareness of experience and experiencing ourselves through our own awareness of ourselves.  There is no right or wrong to life in the Bigger Picture because there is no judgement.  Our God is too big.  Our lives are pure reflections of ourselves as seen through the eyes of what we call GOD.  The actuality of GOD is purely speculation as GOD is mysterious and without end.  So how do we know or even think we KNOW what GOD is?

Enlightenment is the breakdown of our preconceived notions about what we always thought we knew.  Enlightenment strips away all we thought we knew and introduces us to a Greater Reality.  Events in our lives lead us to many paths in the Big Picture.  Some are born enlightened.  Others have to study most of their lives before they become enlightened.  Some never attain enlightenment in this lifetime.  But in the Big Picture we all will attain enlightenment throughout many lifetimes.

It is in our DNA to become so.

However we get there is it is all through experience and part of the Big Picture and the older you get the more this is understood.  That’s the beauty of aging.

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