I don’t know about you but as I’ve gotten older, and having been there myself, it seems so many people hurt from some kind of malady such as arthritis and something called “Fibromyalgia.”  Visiting support sites on the internet for people with Fibromyalgia or “Fibro” it appears there are people suffering numbering in the thousands.

Why are there so many people who have muscle and joint aches and pains?  I’m appalled.  Of course when I began hurting in my 40’s I was to the point of total frustration that my body wouldn’t move and I was only in my 40’s! What was going on?

So I began to research and then I had a dream that told me I needed “minerals” and I had to look them up.  I thought minerals were in vitamins but those are “macro” minerals and those are not the only minerals we need.  I found out that the body needs something called “trace” minerals – minerals that we used to get from plants grown in soils that used to be rich in trace minerals.  Trace minerals activate enzymes and enzymes are needed by the stomach and digestive system to help break down our foods.  If we’re not getting traces of minerals from vegetables because the soils are deficient then how are we getting the minerals we need?

We’re not.  That’s the problem.  Without trace minerals we are not getting the very basics of nutrients needed to keep our bodies functioning at the most basic level.  Did you know that the thyroid is the storehouse for iodine – a trace mineral?  And if we’re not getting iodine in our food the body doesn’t absorb the nutrients from the foods we eat?  Without iodine the body literally begins a process of starvation.  We get iodine from shrimp, crab and lobster and from black walnuts so taking a tincture of black walnut helps us to get the iodine we all need.

Without trace minerals the stomach pulls minerals from the bones and joints and muscle.  When you add sugar into the diet it compounds the problem.  Sugar burns too hot for the body – it literally lights up muscles and even the brain.  Sugar stored in muscles equals pain.  It makes the blood sticky.  It gums up the organs of the body and causes the body to age rapidly.  If you have Fibro or any autoimmune disease you really want to stop all sugar.  Drink only pure alkaline water because when you hurt your pH is mostly acidic.

Remember this: the more you hurt the more you need trace minerals.  Trace minerals activate enzymes in the stomach.  You know when you’re trace mineral deficient when your stomach gurgles and makes noise constantly.

When I hurt years ago I listened to my dreams and began taking trace minerals in large amounts. Minerals are not fat soluble so what you take in excess doesn’t stay in the body but is eliminated.  After three weeks of taking minerals I could feel my muscles begin to “unravel” and the pain in my arm went away.  I continued taking minerals until my body began to feel so much better.  Now there’s liquid trace minerals called “Ionic Minerals” which are instantly absorbed by the cells in the body.

I woke up one morning recently and couldn’t understand why my body was uncomfortable.  I soon realized that I hadn’t taken my trace minerals in weeks!  I instantly took them and my achiness completely went away.

I found out that we don’t have to live in pain if we know how to balance the body with supplements.  Want a good minerals supplement?  Check these out!


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