Men Who Lack A Romance Gene

As an older single woman it is my right to demand romance from the clods who date me.

I make this statement coming out of encounters with men who don’t have a clue as to what romance is all about. Yes. I have had actual encounters with these men. No. It shouldn’t be funny – but it really is.

These are a few statements that let you know a man lacks a romance gene and in each of these cases I don’t believe I have to tell you to PUT YOUR RUNNING SHOES ON!!:

When a man approaches you and says: “Hey – do you want to F___?” (Fill in the blank time – I’m trying to keep this family oriented in case there are children around you.)

When a guy is talking to you and says to you, “what’s your favorite position?” instead of asking your last name

You’re on a third date and the guy’s been telling you each individual experience with all the women he’s gotten it on with – but he can’t get it up with you

A different guy talks non-stop about women he’s been with and how they’ve all – every single one of them – climaxed (if this is the case please learn how to clear energy out of your house because every single climax is lingering in your energy field – ugh!)

A guy only talks about sex with his now deceased wife and then uses coupons in restaurants and expects you to either pay half or share a plate with him – just kill me now!!

Yes – this is just a portion of the dating scene out there folks. Ahhh – the Beauty of Aging.

I’m actually thinking of investing in one of those program-able life-like robots that only cost around $15k. I’m sure as demand rises so will the price so I may invest now.


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