Aging Well

Out with friends one evening, one of the men asked me how old I was. I don’t like that question and avoid it at all cost. He wasn’t playing and asked me again. And again. Finally I told him and his reaction was comical.

He sat there with his mouth open and just looked dumbfounded. I didn’t expect that but I waited until he recovered himself enough to comment, “I’m speechless. I’m honestly speechless! It sure says a lot for what you do.”

I believe genes play a lot in aging but I also do everything possible to make sure I age well. I take very good minerals because if you hurt – you need minerals. The more you hurt, as a matter of fact, the more you need trace minerals. Minerals are the one supplement you never see advertised on TV and I’d bet you can’t find them in a pharmacy. You may find them in a health food store but I don’t believe I’ve yet found them in a pharmacy. To read about minerals and order some very good ones you can go here: to read about what trace minerals do for your body. The article says it better and it’s all written out for you so follow the link to begin to understand why you need traces of minerals. Stress eats up minerals.

If you have issues with balance – you walk into walls and fall over your own feet then check this product out: Trace minerals in a formula that helps balance the energy pathways of your body known as “meridians”.

Every once in a while I don’t take any supplements just to give my body a break from them. One morning I woke up with an achy all over feeling. I had to think about the last time I’d taken any trace minerals and I realized it had been over 2 months. The first thing I did was take a healthy dose of the liquid mineral and within 20 minutes all of my aches in my muscles disappeared. It was that quick.

I also take a supplement that has seven patents on it. It is also a liquid and the patented matrix contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and chondroitin. This product not only helps my skin to look years younger but it has totally strengthened my whole right side of my body which has always been my weak side. I’m hooked on this patented product. Find it here and read about it and watch any of the videos: – type Liquid Biocell into the search box or just scroll down the page and find it. The delivery of this matrix into your system through the mucosa of the mouth instead of having to reach the intestines is what is patented. It absorbs instantly.

Aging doesn’t have to hurt. You’re not deficient in drugs – you’re deficient in nutrients. I don’t take a lot of pills like most people do. I use a liquid mineral and the Liquid Biocell. Try both and see how you feel.


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