First blog post

Welcome to my new blog about the Beauty of Aging.  There’s going to be some fun, maybe some laughs, even some serious stuff. But it’s all about life and enjoying the process of aging. There will be tips on all kinds of ways to live a pain-free, healthy life –  beauty tips and exercise and foods and how they fit into a healthy lifestyle that you can practice easily – with little effort.  Detoxing the body as we age ensures joints and muscles work without discomfort.  Hair and skin shine and don’t dull with age.  Knowing which supplements to take and why encourage you to be in control of outcomes and ensure our commitment to the beauty of aging.  This time of the Winter of our Lives can be lived with love, adventure, boundless energy and freedom from discomfort and pain.  Holistic is the way.  Glad you’re here. Much more to come!


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